The Wadsworth Coach

The Wadsworth Coach was purchased for $770.00 in 1873 from the Abbott Downing Coach Company of Concord, New Hampshire. Made May 1, 1874, it was originally black and weighed 1651 pounds. Records show a manufacture number of 405. The Wadsworth Family used the coach to transport family to the train station and far reaching property holdings. As a family coach, it had a seat on the back for the footman instead of a luggage rack and tarp. In 1956, the coach was given to the Livingston County Museum.

There are a number of Concord Coaches in museums throughout the country. For example, the Cowboy’s Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City, OK has coach number 415 which was made seven weeks later than the Wadsworth coach. The Gene Autry Museum in Los Angeles has coach number 69. The Wadsworth Coach was used for the judges at the Hunt Races in Geneseo.