Wadsworth Guard Flag

The 34-star band embroidered United States flag was the official flag of the Wadsworth Regiment during the Civil War and is inscribed with the following inscription: ”Wadsworth Guard - 104th N.Y.S.V.” In 1862, Mrs. James S. Wadsworth presented this flag to the regiment known as the “Wadsworth Guards” in recognition of the naming of the regiment after her husband, James S. Wadsworth. The flag was believed to be destroyed in the Civil War, but thanks to the heroic patriotism of Civil War Sergeant, John P. Welch, the flag was preserved. When the colors of the 104th regiment were in danger of being confiscated by the enemy at Gettysburg, the flag was torn from its staff. Sergeant Welch concealed the flag in the lining of his coat for the remainder of his service including a three month period in a Libby Prison. In 1961 this historic artifact was given to the Livingston County Historical Museum by Sergeant Welch’s grandson, John D. Welch where it still resides today for many people to enjoy.

Civil War Drum


Part of our extensive Civil War era collection, this drum was owned by John Langdon Burleigh of Avon, an expert drummer in old state militia. The drum was played during Abraham Lincoln’s 2nd election campaign! The drum features wooden detail and a painted image of an eagle along with the American flag.