The River Runs Through It...

The Flag

The blue stripe in the middle of the county flag is a reminder to residents and visitors of Livingston County of the importance of the Genesee River and other water resources to the beauty, lifestyle, and history of the county.

"Down Beside the Genesee":

A big song from a little town...

Voice: Brianna Kelly

Piano Accompaniment and Vocal Harmony: Dr. Linda Boianova.

Thank you to Professor James Kimball for assisting with the recording of "Down Beside the Genesee."

The Composer:

Lewis Clayton Havens (1873-1935) was a native of Dalton, NY and spent most of his life in Livingston County. He married Eva B. Scoville, and together they had four children. Eva died in 1920, leaving Havens widowed until around 1923, when he married his second wife Maybel Van Dyke Johnson. Havens was an electrician by trade, however he obviously had a fondness for music.

In 1926 L.C. Havens, who at the time was the manager of the Livingston Music House, wrote and published the song “Down Beside the Genesee.” The song retells a love story that took place on the banks of the Genesee River. Considering that Havens lived most of his life in Livingston County, it can be inferred that the banks of the Genesee River held a special place in his heart.