Old Fashioned Toys and Games


About This Kit

With this expansive kit, classes have the opportunity to learn how school-aged children spent their time before the Internet, TV, and even radio. Kids will find familiar toys like the yo-yo, but be intrigued to learn how to play lesser-known games such as Ring Taw. The kit includes games that are played alone or in competition, offering teachers the freedom to structure activities around different learning styles.

Included in this kit are:

  • Directions for all games

  • One game of Shut the Box

  • One tabletop croquet set

  • Jar of marbles with Ring Taw directions

  • Four Jacobs Ladders

  • One Cup and Ball Toss Toy

  • Two Fox and Geese Sets

  • Two Copies of “Games from Long Ago”

  • Two Copies of “Old Time Toys”

  • Thirty-four Grace Sticks

  • Twelve Grace Rings

  • Six classic Jacks sets

  • Six Ox Yoke puzzles

  • Two marble maze puzzles

  • Four wooden Yo-Yos

  • Two whirligigs

  • Six wooden dice