From Geneseo to Glenveagh: Contextualizing Cornelia Wadsworth Adair's Life in Ireland

April 22, 1:30 pm

Learn about explorative research and historical context relative to Cornelia Wadsworth/  Born and raised in Geneseo, Conelia became the owner of a very large estate in County Donegal, now known as Glenveagh National Park.  The presenters are researching the estate’s place in Irish history and the problem of historical memory.  This program is co-sponsored with the Association for the Preservation of Geneseo.  


Comparison of Prohibition in Livingston County and Suffolk County.jpg

Prohibition in Livingston County 

May 13, 1:30PM

Drawing on the research that informed her thesis project ("Xenophobia and Prohibition Enforcement in Two New York State Communities, 1919-1933" | SUNY Geneseo, 1995), Lenora Henson will explore what Prohibition meant for residents of Livingston County -- from humdrum reporting to sensational deaths and murders.

Attic Treasures Sale on Museum Grounds 

August 25, 10:00 am-3:00 pm

Shop for quality and vintage items on the grounds of the Livingston County Museum. LCHS accepts quality donations, including antique, vintage, and unique items, and then sells these items on the grounds of the Livingston County Museum as a fundraiser (no clothing, appliances, or plastic toys).  Please deliver your items to the museum or call 243-9147 or email to make alternate arrangements.   No early birds please.

Oak Trees.jpg

Oak Openings and Native American Forest Modification 

September 16, 1:30pm

Presenting preliminary findings in an ongoing research project funded by the Nation Science Foundation, Drs. Dave Robertson and Stephen Tulowiecki explore the origins of western New York's "oak openings," particularly their relationship to pre-colonial Native American land use. Based on extensive historical and geospatial analysis of first-hand landscape accounts, original surveyor notes and environmental variables, this research is dispelling the myth that the Northeastern landscape was an unaltered wilderness prior to Euro-American colonization. Early research results also suggest that legacies of Native American land use remain evident in the composition and structure of trees and forests in areas of former Native American occupation, including the middle Genesee Valley.     



19th Century Agriculture: Crops, Livestock, and Farm Implements

Matthew Schofield will present on early breeds of livestock and 1825 farming techniques.  As the Coordinator of Historic Trades and Agriculture at the Genesee Country Village & Museum, Mr. Schofield oversees the day to day running trades such as the blacksmith, cooper, tinsmith, and tailor shops, as well as pioneer farm activities which includes working with a few critically threatened livestock breeds..  All crops, a number of which are heirloom crops,  are grown and managed with early 19th century agricultural implements.



History of Geneseo's Village Clock Tower

Do you know what time it is in the Village of Geneseo?  Why is a village clock in a church?  Dr. F. Kurt Cylke Jr. and Michael Kuyt will present about time in the 19th century, clocks in western NY, and the history and 2009 restoration of this Geneseo's village icon.  This program is co-sponsored with the Association for the Preservation of Geneseo.

Member and Donor Reception

December 7, 6:30 -8:30 pm  2018!

Members and donors are our guests for a holiday reception recognizing their support. Kick off the holiday season with an evening of warmth, song, and a cup of holiday spirit. Thank you members and donors!